Detoxing from drugs is not just a hard process to do, but it can also be physically painful for the person halfway houses near megoing through the detox treatment program. There are different levels of care when you go to a medical Drug Detox Facility, depending on what you're addicted to and how long you have been addicted to it for will determine what level of treatment and care you will be admitted for. Some drugs are harder and cause the body more painful to detox from than other drugs. Heroin, Opiates, cocaine and Cannabis sativa are amongst the easiest and fastest to detox your body from the drugs Although Heroine will cause some physical discomfort during the process, the time for detox treat is still only 3-5 days of care.

Harder Drugs To Detox From

Is one drug harder to Detox from that another? Yes, Benzos or Antidepressants; such-ass, Xanax, and Valume are amongst the most popular Benzo’s usage and are the most difficult of substances to detox your body from. Alcohol is at the top of the list when it comes to a lengthy Drug Detox Programs. Alcohol detox centers take a minimum of 5 days of treatment care with the likelihood of double that time, depending on the addict's usage in the past.

What Happens After The Drug Detox Centers

Once you are finished with your drug detox program, you should be in touch with one of the following. Halfway House (Sober Living Facility) IOP (intensive out patient program) PHP(Partial Hospitalization Program) OP (Out Patient Rehab). What are these programs and what do they provide.

Halfway house (Sober Living) A halfway house is a structured sober living environment. When you live at a halfway house there are several basic rules that must be followed in order to stay in the program. Must obtain a job within a weeks time (help is provided), 11:00 curfew, mediatory breathalyzer upon entering the house, 24hrs in house - house manager, Group work, Sober meetings, and meeting with a your sponsors for the program weekly.
IOP (Intensive Out Patient Program) This means you will attend drug treatment at an off site office facility and will be dropped off daily to and from the treatment center. During the day when your treatment is over you will be shuttled back to your halfway house for further meetings and group sessions.
PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) This is a full time treatment program for a minimum of 14 days. The patient will be kept onsite at all times and will be heavily monitored by medical staff and therapist care. Once the PHP program is complete it is highly recommend that go into a quality halfway house and sober living facility.

Getting The Right Treatment Can Be Tough

Getting the right treatment is one of the hardest things to do. There are so many facilities and so many places scamming people for drug treatment how do you know where to turn? Getting help is the ultimate goal, however getting the right help will make all of the difference to a safe, lasting and speedy recovery. For a list of quality Drug Treatment Centers around the United States you may contact us today and we will provide you with some of the best options available. Get Help Now!

August 10, 2016
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What is Drug Detox

Detoxing from drugs is not just a hard process to do, but it can also be physically painful for the person going through the detox treatment […]