What Is a Halfway House

What is a halfway house

Halfway houses in a Sober Community. What ahalfway house is. A halfway house is an active environment promoting sober living. Everyone within the community is pushing to keep their sobriety as-well as helping others keep their's. Normally a halfway house includes a sober living house with a halfway house manager on site, sober parties and BBQ's, trips to the beach, trips on the boats, snorkeling, paddle boarding, hiking, and camping trips Etc..

What a halfway house is Not.. A halfway house is NOT a rehab. Although it have many benefits for the road to recovery, it can not tackle all the stages of quitting drug addictions. often times drugs detoxing must be medically monitored in order to prevent any potential health risk's or overdoses. A halfway house is not a Drug Detox Facility. A sober living home is not an adult day care. you must be ready to get sober and stay sober. The choice ultimately is yours!


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