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With several years of experience in the treatment of substance use disorder, our founders saw a need for clients to have an environment conducive to long term recovery. Our goal is to provide structured housing for clients after attending in-patient treatment. Providing accountability, structure, and a safe environment for our clients is our number one priority!


Clients Helped


Suffer from substance use disorder in the U.S.

Halfway House In Delray Beach

This can often be difficult, to find a halfway house in Delray Beach. Many times the all of the sober living homes are fully occupied or even have a waiting list. Finding a nice place to enjoy your recovery can also be a daunting task. Many halfway houses in Delray beach are known for in-house drug use, We DO NOT permit this in our housing, All residence must maintain a sober living lifestyle and will be drug tested without notice at anytime for any reason during your stay. At the Delray Beach halfway houses community you are expected to attend NA/AA meetings of your choice. We have a list of time and locations provided on the website. If you do not have transportation many times transportation arrangments can be provided. It's important when coming to a new halfway house to get along with the group of people that you will be living with, we encourage you to come by our facility and view our highest standards of living and cleanliness for our residence.

Quality Sober Living in Delray Beach?

Yes there is, but there are not many. A halfway house may appear to be nice, but many get caught up in the wrong things, some of which include on-site drug using, unclean facilities, don't provide basic necessities, No house manager. It's crucial to have an onsite house manager that lives at the halfway house and monitors the behavior and conditions of the halfway house. If something breaks at the house it should be put in action to be fixed within 24hrs. We pride ourselves in quality services and facilities here at Delray Beach halfway houses. We are here to help provide you the resources and tools needed to help get you sober and keep you sober. For information on our house please give us a call today!

Our Standard Halfway House Amenities

-Flat Screen Tv's
-Gaming Consoles
-Posterpedic Mattresses
-Fresh Linens
-Gym Memberships
-Community BBQ
-Remodled Facilities
-Spacious Rooms

Halfway Houses Near Me

We over sober living and halfway houses in several different cities through out Palm Beach County.
Depending on where you are located and where you would like to stay we halfway houses in the following Cities.
Halfway Houses West Palm Beach | halfway houses Boynton Beach | halfway houses Delray Beach | halfway houses Boca Raton | halfway houses palm beach gardens


Call us today and take the next step...

(561) 264-1723

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