We all know that it's hard to quit habits, it's hard to stop unhealthy activities we enjoy, but it is possible. Knowing you have a problem is the first step, and deciding and believing you can change is the second. There have been alcoholics and substance abusers who were able to live happy sober lives after detaching themselves from their addiction. It is a challenging feat to achieve,but you can do it if you take every advantage you can find. Use any and all methods that work for you and more.

1.Understanding Yourself

There is a reason why admitting you have a problem is a famously important step and widely used saying. Self-awareness is the key to self-improvement. If you can, don't just know you have a dilemma, learn about your dilemma. Know what triggers you to drink or use. Know why you prefer to use this form of escapism or pain reliever etc. Is there something healthy you can replace this practice with? 

Sober LivingKnowing yourself and your other vices can be surprisingly useful for solving major conflicts as well. You would be shocked to find what little things cause major side effects. Even if fixing small issues does nothing for your main goal, it is one less thing keeping you down and therefore another advantage.


Willpower is an advantage, but not one you can rely on. Addiction is a discipline you unwillingly programmed yourself with. Your energy to fight is stolen, which is why the premise that is continuously repeated in this article is: to take every advantage you can. If you find yourself powerless, don't be afraid to lean on your loved ones. Meeting someone who is also going through the same difficulties as you is extremely valuable as well. Two people working together to build a better lifestyle can give each other encouragement and tough love whenever needed.


It is important that you can find a way to distance yourself from your weakness. Obviously, if you continue the action you wish to cease, it will never happen. As stated emphasized, it is more than tough to control yourself around an addiction. Find a place where you can take every advantage to overcome adversity and make failure difficult. There are multiple resources and safe places to reach sober living. These are safe places away from painful substances and away from any legal or social punishments or judgments.

How to be Safe

Perhaps you have heard of the dangers of withdrawals. Withdrawals are half as lethal as the actual substances people become dependent on. Halfway houses are not only secure places to fight addiction, they are also where you can receive immediate medical attention for anything you need.

April 16, 2018
Delray Beach Halfway House

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We all know that it's hard to quit habits, it's hard to stop unhealthy activities we enjoy, but it is possible. Knowing you have a problem […]
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