Chances are, you know someone with an addiction. Too often, the addict is consumed in his or her emotions that they may not realize that they need help. That is why it is important that you know the signs of a drug addiction. Knowing the signs of a drug addiction can help you recognize and then get the appropriate drug detox treatment for your family member or a friend.

addiction-1Even though your family member or friend may exhibit the signs of a drug addiction, they may be either in denial that they have one or need help. They may realize that they need help but may not have the strength to break the cycle of addiction and seek help. Oftentimes this occurs when the addict experiences a major life crisis, such as getting kicked out the house, losing a job, or getting arrested. The addict may not always be willing to discuss their problems with their family members and friends. Instead, the addict will turn to drugs and/or alcohol as a way to cope with their on-going problems.

Some of these problems may result from the addict’s long-term drug use. For example, the addict may lose their wife and child due to their addiction. But these problems may not seem real to the addict. Often a person who is trying to help the addict must help them identify the issues directly affecting them in order to convince the addict to get help at a rehab center.

But the biggest issue preventing addicts from seeking help quickly is that addicts do not realize that they need drug treatment. While family members and friends may understand that an addict needs help, the addict may not experience that very same reality. An addict with no job, no income, and no friends may still think that they are doing OK, even though others may think differently. In fact, it may be when the addict is experiencing the threat of losing a job or spouse or about to go to jail that they might suddenly want to rehabilitate their life. It is often during these life changing circumstances that gives addicts the motivation to change and stop abusing drugs.

Once the addict decides to seek help at a rehab center, the addict needs to decide who will be at the intervention. At the very least, the family member that the addict respects the most should be at the intervention. This family member can act as an opinion leader of sorts while supporting the addict. In addition, there should be as many supportive family members that the addict will allow to be there. However, a family member who will know argue and be antagonistic toward the addict need not be there. The overall goal of the intervention is to create warm, respectful, and supportive environment for the addict to encourage maximum healing in order to get help with addiction. Getting help with addiction can save lives.

September 30, 2016
getting help with addiction

Getting Help With Addiction

Chances are, you know someone with an addiction. Too often, the addict is consumed in his or her emotions that they may not realize that they […]