Halfway Houses Delray Beach

If you need urgent substance rehab services, we welcome you to Delray Beach Halfway Houses! Few people realize how devastating substance addiction can be in the long-term. Apart from being a progressive and lethal disease, its damages extend beyond those inflicted on your body. If left untreated, it will gradually affect your mind, influence your behavior, and slowly separate you from society.

At our Halfway Houses in Delray Beach, we've successfully brought hundreds of people from the brink of destruction. While overcoming the withdrawal phase is a bit difficult, this is not the challenge most people struggle with. The real problems that they're experiencing revolve around losing their families, friends, their job, and their mental stability along the way.

We can clear these problems for you, and we'll do it in three main steps:

1. Physiological stability and cleansing

The priority is to flush the toxins from your system and rebalance your brain's chemical functioning. The detoxification process that we're offering will:

  • Rebalance your behavioral display
  • Reduce the aggressiveness and the symptoms of co-occurring disorders
  • Minimize the symptoms of withdrawal
  • Prevent the short-term relapse
  • Reduce the cravings
  • Restore the functionality of the opioid receptors
  • Cleanse your system of toxins, etc.

It is the first stage in the rehab treatment and one of the most crucial ones. We don't recommend you attempting it yourself! Since you're not an expert on the issue, you may end up making things worse. Rely on our knowledge and expertise for fast and long-lasting benefits!

2. Mental recovery and emotional trauma healing

Our Halfway Houses in Delray Beach function differently than your average detox clinic. While medication is vital in the war against substance addiction, it cannot accomplish much without proper follow-up. This is the main reason why self-detox procedures don't work. You might get temporary relief from the withdrawal, but you will relapse eventually.

To prevent that, we also offer extensive psychotherapeutic and emotional support, both during and after the completion of the inpatient program. By taking part in individual and group therapy sessions, you will manage to:

  • Address and overcome the emotional traumas that are holding you back
  • Shed the negativity and pessimism clouding your judgment
  • Become more positive and confident in yourself
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Become more extrovert and friendlier with others
  • Develop the will to improve as a human being
  • Acknowledge your flaws and mistakes and become humbler, etc.

3. Long-term relapse prevention and lifestyle improvements

To overcome substance addiction means to plan for the future. It's not enough to stick to a medication plan and call it a day. It will not work for too long. This is why we offer you access to some of the industry's leading clinicians and psychologists during our rehab programs. At our Halfway Houses in Delray Beach, they will prepare you for social reintegration.

With our help, you will achieve the life you're merely dreaming about right now. At Delray Beach Halfway Houses, we'll teach you how to remain sober, become financially successful again, and build the dream future for you and your family. And there's one phone call separating you from all these.

Halfway Houses Delray Beach