Treatment Center West Virginia

Article provided by: Harmony Ridge Recovery Center

Treatment Center West Virginia

At Harmony Ridge Recovery, we advise you against postponing the rehab treatment anymore! Come to our treatment center in West Virginia today, and join the rehab program that will save your life!

How long does drug detox last?

On average, the detoxification process lasts between two days to two weeks, with small variations on both ends. The duration of detox depends on the severity of the withdrawal, the substance you’re using, and the advancement of the disorder. Keep in mind, however, that the detoxification procedure is complex, and you should avoid performing it on your own. The risk for complications is too high, while the chance of success is almost non-existent.

Instead, opt for professional detoxification in one of our high-profile centers. If your condition is unstable and you need permanent supervision, you will enter the inpatient program, where our clinicians will monitor your progress 24/7. During the detoxification process, we will ensure maximum comfort and fast results, as you will slowly overcome the cravings and regain your independence.

The most effective rehab programs

Our leading rehabilitation programs include:

Personalized medical detox – We design customized detoxification programs for each patient joining the rehab, according to the patient’s medical status and the disease’s profile. During the procedure, you will experience a minimum of discomfort, as you will overcome the withdrawal and become more positive and stable.

Psychotherapy – We offer behavioral therapies and emotional trauma healing services for long-lasting benefits. At our treatment center in West Virginia, we strive to provide you with a safe space to move past your traumas and heal, both emotionally and spiritually. Some of our therapies include CBT, biofeedback, individual counseling, group therapy, and family support.

Recreational and educational programs – Meditation, yoga, nature walks, sports activities, social interactions – all these will revive your spirit and reignite your love for the little things in life. Our educational programs also play a vital role in long-term prevention, as you acquire coping skills and invaluable lifestyle improvement tips during the treatment.

The treatment doesn’t end here. We believe that the real test of sobriety begins with you leaving our institution, after completing the rehab program. To prepare you for successful social reintegration, we offer sober living recovery as a transitional step towards full independence.

Defeating addiction for good

If you want to quit drinking or doing drugs and never look back, you must contact us immediately! We offer:

  • Immediate, extensive screening and assessment
  • High-end rehabilitation and recovery procedures
  • Multiple rehab options (inpatient, IOP, outpatient, sober living)
  • Qualified and compassionate staff members
  • A safe, comfortable environment, free of judgment and stress
  • The opportunity to start a new life

We welcome everyone struggling with addiction at our treatment center in West Virginia, for comprehensive treatment and life-changing benefits. With our help, you will defeat your addiction, and begin your journey to a new life with confidence, determination, and a positive attitude.

Come to Harmony Ridge Recovery and prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime! You can defeat addiction and, with our help, you will do it!

Treatment Center West Virginia
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