Suboxone Treatment Rockford IL

Bright Side Clinic is a leading center for suboxone treatment in Rockford, IL, with the best clinical team and evidence-based therapies. We use highly effective and safe suboxone treatment to help individuals break free from addiction to opioids, illegal, and prescription drugs.

How does Suboxone help with addiction treatment?

At our Rockford Suboxone clinic, we administer Suboxone during different stages of treatment. It offers a permanent solution to managing addiction to opioids, heroin, and prescription medications. We use it as a part of a comprehensive recovery plan to eliminate cravings and manage the withdrawal symptoms in recovering addicts.

Suboxone is a depressant that helps you slow down and offers various benefits like pain relief, calmness, relaxation, and reduces stress levels. We offer the best Rockford Suboxone treatment at our facility with regular follow-up appointments to ensure a successful recovery from addiction.

Uses of Suboxone treatment

We prescribe Suboxone for those battling with opioid and heroin addiction. We primarily administer the medication during the withdrawal phase to reduce the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms and help patients manage cravings. It also prevents the occurrence of potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone plays a critical role in the maintenance phase. After completing your treatment, we will help you adjust to a clean lifestyle until you no longer need medication to maintain sobriety.  

How is Suboxone administered?

Only a licensed physician can prescribe Suboxone, and when it comes to dosage, you must follow your doctor’s directions precisely. You can take the medication in the form of a Suboxone film or tablet.

If you are taking the film, you must place it under your tongue and let it dissolve on its own. Chewing or swallowing it can make it ineffective, and the medicine may not deliver the desired effects/results. At our facility for heroin addiction treatment in Rockford, IL, we offer suboxone treatment as a part of a comprehensive rehab program to help individuals embrace sobriety. Over time, our doctor will change the dose gradually to help you wean off medications altogether.

Pros and cons of suboxone treatment

Our Suboxone treatment in Illinois offers overall more pluses than minuses. Some of the pros and cons of Suboxone treatment include:

  • It helps reverse the side-effects of heroin, opioids, and prescription medications. On the other hand, individuals with a narcotics abuse problem are at risk for habit-forming.  
  • It reduces the intense and painful withdrawal symptoms and cravings and helps patients attain a safe and speedy recovery. Conversely, stopping suboxone treatment abruptly can cause adverse consequences, and patients can experience joint and muscle pains, insomnia, dilated pupils, diarrhea, etc.
  • It promotes relaxation, offers mental and emotional stability, and improves overall wellbeing. Then again, patients must refrain from taking herbal supplements and certain other medications during treatment to avoid adverse effects.

Get in touch with one of us at Bright Side Clinic today at 224-205-7863 for more details on our Suboxone Treatment in Rockford, IL. David J. Kushner is a preeminent Suboxone doctor in Rockford, IL, with several years of experience in helping individuals battling addiction attain a safe and speedy recovery. 

Suboxone Treatment Rockford IL