Sober Living

Both drugs and alcohol are a threat to not only your health but your freedom as well. At Delray Beach Halfway Houses, we have seen what substance addiction can do to people. It destroys their bodies, minds, their souls and their families. Fortunately, we have a solution for you.

If you’re looking to achieve a sober living, we invite you to our professional rehab centers. Years of experience in the field have taught us one simple, but crucial fact – there is life after addiction. For that, however, you need specialized assistance. Self-detox procedures are not only largely ineffective, but dangerous as well.

To prevent that, we’ve created an innovative and effective rehab treatment that uses a holistic approach. We don’t treat the symptoms, we treat the patient, as a whole. Our most relevant strategies include:

Personalized detoxification

Not all people react identically to the same detox procedures. The effectiveness of the detoxification program largely depends on factors like:

  • The type of substance you use
  • The degree of addiction
  • The symptoms and the intensity of the withdrawal
  • Your clinical profile and medical history, and even
  • Your personal and social life

Factors like these will help us determine the ideal approach regarding the detox plan. Our experts will supervise the process regularly, making sure your progress remains in charts. For any drug or alcohol-related problem, we advise you to contact us immediately! The sooner we begin the detox procedure, the better.

Psychotherapeutic and emotional support

Because substance addiction disrupts the brain’s chemical balance, the side-effects will transpire in your behavior and emotional status. This is why many victims of drugs or alcohol end up developing co-occurring disorders like PTSD, anxiety or depression. For a long-lasting sober living, the medication plan doesn’t suffice.

You need to become mentally and emotionally stable so that you’re the one in control of your life again. We can help you achieve that. Through programs like individual and group therapy, family counseling, and plenty of recreative activities, you will:

  • Stabilize your behavior
  • Fight off all the negative emotions
  • Become more positive and confident
  • Develop stronger self-esteem and belief in yourself
  • Fix your problems with your family and friends
  • Become more socially active
  • Show empathy towards those fighting with the same problems
  • Experience natural levels of dopamine
  • Learn how to enjoy life more, etc.

A prolonged relapse prevention strategy

It’s not enough to prevent the initial relapse. Substance addiction is incurable, which means that it will always pose a danger of returning, under the right circumstances. To achieve a safe, long-lasting sober living, you need to develop a long-term relapse prevention strategy.

Once again, it’s our team of professionals to the rescue. With their help, you will learn everything you need to know about avoiding the social triggers and embrace a life of sobriety. Furthermore, we will offer you life-changing advice on how to pursue a successful career, restore your love life, and improve your lifestyle significantly.

At Delray Beach Halfway Houses, we offer salvation to anyone in need. Walk through our door and begin your new life today!

Sober Living
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