Rehab Riverside

Rehab Riverside

 Rehab Riverside

Drug and alcohol rehab is a must have once you crossed the line into substance addiction. The issue is that most people do not try to get treatment because of the costs involved. A significant percentage of this number are not aware of the financial solutions available. That’s why if you or someone you know lives in the Riverside area and needs addiction treatment, you guys better read this to the end.


Most substance abuse services in Riverside California are willing to help you with the right financing option to secure the addiction treatment needed. With the right financing option you let the treatment facility know the full amount of the treatment costs. You are allowed to pay off the treatment costs at your own pace. This way you get to add the cost of treatment into your monthly budget without having to wreck your finances. It is a popular method of payment for addiction treatment secured and unsecured loans are available with very flexible interest rates.


You can access quality treatment to you without breaking the bank. There are places to get alcohol and drug treatment in Riverside using insurance. Solid Ground and Wellness is one of such places. We are one of the leading Riverside drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers. And we are committed to making premium addiction treatment available to people who need it. This is why we now accept PPO insurance and Medi-Cal. With this payment options you can access the range of treatment options we offer.

Alternate Financial Options

When all else fails you might opt for alternative financial options. There is always someone in your circle of friends, family members or colleague who are willing to give you a loan to fund your treatment. If you have a job you might want explore your employee assistance programs if they are available. If none of the above works, you might want to try selling personal assets or emptying your personal savings or retirement account.

The idea is to explore as many financial options as possible to be able to raise the funds needed to get addiction treatment.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Riverside

Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery is one of the best Riverside drug rehabs. We are driven by a vision to educate, support, and guide individuals through their recovery from substance addiction. In line with that vision is our resolve to make addiction treatment accessible for all, via the payment options we just described under the headings above. There are several financial solutions for people who are looking to get recovery treatment.

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At Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery, we take pride in being the go-to treatment center for many residents of Riverside and its environs for the past 26 years. We are proud to have positively influenced countless lives in that period. Our approach to addiction treatment addresses every patient as a unique individual, and our experts spare no cost to unravel each person's specific needs. Contact us today to get professional help or verify your insurance now. 



Rehab Riverside