Rehab in Florida

Article provided by: Meridian Treatment Solutions

Rehab in Florida

Most of us know that drug addiction is terrible and that it can lead to serious illness, physical, mental and social impairment and, eventually, death. But how many of us know how we can help a drug addict overcome his condition? Fortunately, we, at Meridian Treatment Solutions, have devised several rehabilitation programs whose complexity positively reflects how complicated and challenging addiction itself is.

Rehab in Florida stands for innovation and professionalism, 2 of the primary qualities of any drug abuse treatment program. What we are battling here is not just the psychological addiction itself, along with the physical aspect of the process. This is just the tip of the iceberg, really, when it comes to countering and reversing the condition. What makes regular substance abuse so dangerous is that, from one point onward, it will ultimately escape the patient’s control.

Once the addiction has set in, all the consumer can do from that point on is to play by its rules. This is because withdrawal (which occurs both with alcoholism and in the case of opioids and other illicit drugs, as well as prescription painkillers) will deliver excruciating side-effects whenever the addict tries to either limit or completely cut out the intake. These can be either moderate or severe, depending on the type of addiction, and will manifest differently, according to the substance being used, how extended addiction is and so on.

The most common withdrawal symptoms that all centers of drug rehab in Florida deal with are divided into two main groups:

1. Emotional and psychological effects

These will refer to symptoms like lack of sleep, the inability to focus on even the smallest tasks, recurrent headaches, sometimes quite severe, a constant feeling of restlessness, increasing anxiety, leading to depression and social seclusion. Aside from these, the patient may also become increasingly irritable, show aggressive tendencies in some cases, or develop a state of confusion and incoherent thinking.

2. Physical effects

The usual symptoms include heart palpitations, tensed muscles, and joints, constant sweating, even when lacking any apparent reason, difficulties breathing, often nausea and vomiting, indigestion and diarrhea and even seizures and heart attacks.

All of these symptoms need to be treated as fast as possible with specific medication, designed to keep them under control, as well as protect the patient’s life. Untreated, withdrawal symptoms could worsen and even reach peak levels, inducing side-effects like intense hallucinations and delirium tremens, which can increase the risk of accidents, or even strokes and death.

It is the withdrawal that prevents the addict from quitting drub abuse, forcing him to remain within the vicious circle of the addiction, with death stalking him every step of the way. Drug addiction is no joke, which is why rehab in Florida has to meet the highest standards regarding efficiency and long-term viability. And it certainly does.

In this context, we, at Meridian Treatment Solutions, only work with the best treatments ever devised, meant to attack addiction on all fronts and assist patients both physically, mentally and spiritually, to support and restore their lives back to normal.