Recovery Services in Riverside

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Recovery Services in Riverside

What process do you follow for drug and alcohol rehabilitation?

Apart from the 12 step approach used in most Riverside drug rehab centers, we also adopt a holistic treatment approach. Apart from treating our patients physically, we also address the environmental and mental conditions that drive this self-destructing behavior. As our patient, you will receive a custom-made program that solely focuses on you.

How long will the treatment take?

The shortest time you can take with us is 30 days. However, we may need to extend your stay to 60 or 90 days, depending on your case.

Why should I consider professional treatment?

Patients are much stronger when they have support from the top rehab centers in Riverside. When you choose to go on the recovery journey on your own, you may face many obstacles. We have experts who are skilled in beating every level of addiction. Apart from helping you recover, we will also help you figure out the mental and environmental triggers that drive your addiction. Without addressing the root cause of your addiction, you will risk a relapse. Therefore, consider professional help from Riverside, CA, alcohol treatment centers.

In addition, we address your life after rehab, from maintaining sobriety to living a quality life. This will help you in your long-term recovery from addiction.

Will I succeed after the treatment?

We can confidently say that if you complete and follow our guidelines, you will lead a successful and drug-free life.

Can my friends or family visit during treatment?

Yes, your family may visit. We also conduct family therapy if you desire.

Can I continue working while in treatment?

Our focus is on your recovery. We can create a customized plan for you if you need to be at work while in treatment. However, we recommend you clear your schedule to focus on your treatment entirely.

What happens after treatment is over?

Your therapist will help you determine an exit strategy that goes hand in hand with your situation. We also offer sober living options and step-down therapies. You can also join our outpatient addiction treatment in Riverside, California.

Do you offer dual diagnosis?

Yes. Dual diagnosis programs in outpatient mental health centers seek to treat the addiction alongside your psychological condition. We understand that for our patients to recover fully, we need to treat both conditions.

What should I carry to an addiction treatment center?

Make proper preparation when joining a drug and alcohol rehab center. Remember to carry all your essential personal care products and clothing.

Can I carry my gadgets to the rehab?

We believe patients need a life free from disruptions while in treatment.

What is the cost of your rehab services?

The cost of rehab varies with each patient depending on their stay. Some insurance providers may cover some of your expenses. Also, the price will depend on the type of treatment offered. Would you please verify with your insurance provide or contact us for a free quotation?

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Recovery Services in Riverside