Phoenix senior living

Phoenix senior living

There are multiple assisted living centers in Phoenix. Unfortunately, many of them force their residents to live extremely restricted lives, limiting their movements and making it virtually impossible for them to maintain their personality and independence. At Paradise Living Centers, however, this is not the case. We actively fight against the idea that a person should be be stripped of their freedom after reaching a certain age. That's we we strive to provide assisted living in Phoenix that nurtures the independence of our residents and allows them to pursue new experiences even in their autumn years. So how exactly do we do that? Read on to find out!

In this article, we're going to be examining some of the key features of our senior living homes in Phoenix, so you'll know exactly what to expect when you or your loved ones enter our care facility.


Even some of the best assisted living facilities in Phoenix do not provide their residents with private rooms. When something as simple as a private room is denied, a resident may lose their sense of identity. When this happens, depression is rarely far behind. As the leading provider of Phoenix senior living, we understand how important privacy is when it comes to comfort, relaxation, and mental health. For this reason, we promise a private room to every resident. Each room is fully climate controlled and boasts a roll-in shower. 

Daily Activities

At Paradise Living Centers, it is our aim to encourage creativity and socializing among our residents. We achieve this by providing them with fun daily activities. These daily activities keep our residents active and include yoga, painting, bingo, and much more. 

Nutritional Meals

Nutrition doesn't become any less important as a person enters into their autumn years. If anything, healthy eating becomes more crucial than ever during this period of a person's life. That why we employ a leading team of highly-skilled chefs. These luxury chefs provide daily nutritional meals to our residents. These meals go hand-in-hand with our exercise classes to help our residents maintain an active and healthy lifestyle throughout their time in our care facility. 

On-Site Medical Care 

To complement the healthy lifestyle we encourage among our residents, Paradise Living Centers provides on-site medical attention. This care is provided 24/7, so you can be certain you or your loved one will always have access to medical assistance when it is required. Additionally, our large team ensures a smaller patient-to-caregiver ratio, meaning those in need of assistance will receive it immediately. 

Dementia Care

Dementia is an extremely complex condition. As such, many Phoenix senior living centers are ill-equipped to care for patients dealing with it. If your loved one is suffering from dementia, you can be certain that they will be fully cared for at Paradise Living Centers. Our expert staff are trained to provide dementia patients with the care and attention they need. Furthermore, our care facility has been carefully constructed to ensure no harm comes to dementia patients as they move throughout the property. 

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If you have spent hours Googling "senior assisted living facilities near me", you can end your search here, safe in the knowledge that you have found the foremost senior living center in Phoenix. For unsurpassed care in a luxury facility, contact Paradise Living Center today at 480.400.7550.

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