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Article provided by: Arizona Addiction Recovery Center

As a victim of substance addiction or alcoholism, you are on a sure path to losing everything dear to you, family, friends, your job, and your happiness. At Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, we can help you. We invite you to our luxury treatment centers for complete clinical assessment and rehab treatment!

Dealing with severe addiction

When struggling with advanced forms of addiction, you need to keep one thing in mind – you cannot overcome the disease on your own. Self-medicating your problem will only aggravate it since very few people possess the knowledge and the expertise to pull it off. In most situations, patients will experience harmful drug interactions and even develop new forms of substance addiction over time.

To treat the disorder effectively, with long-term benefits, we urge you to start seeking professional assistance soon. Addiction is progressive in nature, capable of putting your life at risk with every dose you take. To counter it, you need advanced detox services, therapy, relapse prevention and management strategies, and extensive lifestyle improvements. You can only get these services in a high-profile rehab facility, specialized in treating substance addiction and mental health problems.

How does rehab work?

The ideal rehabilitation procedure consists of a multi-disciplinary approach, which includes medical services, as well as psychotherapy and holistic healing. Our program is uniquely designed to address the roots of the problem, as we treat the patient, not the disease. To ensure fast and lasting recovery, we offer:

  • Targeted detoxification for clinical cleansing and stabilization
  • Dual-diagnosis assistance for coping with co-occurring mental disorders
  • Experiential therapies (guided meditation, outdoor activities, community support, etc.)
  • Behavioral therapies and counseling
  • Transitional recovery at our luxury treatment centers
  • Family integration
  • Life coaching and relapse prevention education, etc.

We have built a system that aims to change our patients’ lives extensively. You will not only overcome the disease but regain your confidence as well, as you acquire the skills to transform your life forever.

Is the rehab treatment effective?

Studies have shown that the inpatient rehabilitation program is highly effective at stabilizing the patient and promote fast and long-lasting recovery. To ensure the success of the rehab long-term, we offer a complete rehabilitation experience, which includes:

  • Inpatient/Residential treatment and care
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for less severe cases of addiction, which don’t require permanent supervision and detox
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Sober living as part of the transitional program for social reintegration
  • Aftercare support, teaching life skills, personal development, and relapse prevention

Our program is among the few that offer certainty, excellence, and palpable, long-lasting results. With our help, you will leave your addiction for good and never look back.

When should I enter the rehab?

We advise you to do it right now! At our luxury treatment centers, we see many people joining the rehab program when they are already at the end of their rope. As a result, the treatment will become more complex and will last longer than usual.

Coming to Arizona Addiction Recovery Center as soon as possible increases your chances at a lifetime of sobriety significantly. Don’t miss this opportunity, and call us today!

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