Luxury Rehab New York

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Luxury Rehab New York

Legacy Healing Center is an upscale rehab facility with world-class amenities, advanced behavioral therapies, and a compassionate clinical and non-clinical team of professionals. We offer the highest level of addiction care at our luxury rehab in New York and equip patients with all the essential skills for a fulfilling and drug-free life.

Our holistic healing approach for recovery from addiction

We see addiction as a comprehensive issue and create treatment plans addressing the problems and imbalances of the addict's mind, body, and soul. We get to the cause of addiction and correct it to prevent relapse in the future. To identify and treat the underlying mental health issues, we use various holistic therapies, such as community engagement, yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy, counseling, routine exercise, etc.

To help patients transition into the real world more easily after residential treatment, we engage them in an array of holistic programs to make sure they return to a trigger-free and stable environment. At our luxury drug and alcohol rehab in New York City, we achieve this by offering career assistance and family therapies, which help recovering addicts procure a stable job and enable them to return to a loving and supportive home after treatment.

Do I need rehab treatment to overcome addiction?

If you have second thoughts about joining one of the NYC luxury rehabs for addiction treatment, remember that it is an integral and inevitable part of your recovery journey that you must not forgo. While your perseverance, will power, and determination are crucial for recovery from addiction, it takes more than that to attain sustainable sobriety.

For starters, you need to undergo medical detox under the supervision of a skilled medical team at a licensed rehab facility. After detox, you must engage in a series of counseling sessions, psychotherapy programs, and 12-step meetings to attain comprehensive recovery from dual diagnosis. Failing to seek professional help from a licensed Luxury rehab in New York can cause you to experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and other health complications.

Top reasons to choose our luxury rehab center in NYC 

We are a premier behavioral health provider, following a patient-centered approach to help individuals break free from substance abuse disorder. Here are some of the top reasons to choose our luxury rehab facility:

  • Ambiance – Set on a 1.2-acre lush setting, our patients get to heal and recover in a peaceful, serene, and secluded environment, far away from the stressors of their everyday lives.

  • Staff and services – We have the most experienced, compassionate, and friendly team of clinicians and counselors, working around-the-clock, and playing an integral role in our patients’ journey towards sobriety.

  • Reputation – We are one of the top rehabs in New York with the highest number of positive reviews from past clients. We are highly sought-after for our highly effective treatments and therapies for dual diagnosis. 

Call 1-888-534-2295 to speak to one of us at Legacy Healing Center. We are a leading luxury rehab in New York with evidence-based treatments and holistic healing practices. Call us today to verify your insurance.

Luxury Rehab New York