Los Angeles Teen Drug Rehab

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Los Angeles Teen Drug Rehab

No parent wants to think about or admit that their child has an issue with drugs, but this is an extremely common problem that more families are forced to deal with every day. Many teens who begin abusing drugs or alcohol suffer from a mental health disorder and most of them never receive the help that they need in order to be able to battle against the drug use and the mental health issues that they face. Evolve Treatment Centers provides effective and lasting Los Angeles Teen Drug Rehab for those who want to find the path to recovery.

With many years of service and decades of combined health care experience, Evolve Treatment Centers is the place where parents find the best Los Angeles Teen Drug Rehab services available. We are a full service treatment facility where your child can find long term sobriety for a healthier and happier life. We also provide unique and innovative therapy programs that your child may become interested in, which include hiking, surfing, yoga classes and so much more.

There are several steps that your child will partake in when they come to Evolve Treatment Centers for Los Angeles Teen Drug Rehab:

When your child first arrives at our state-of-the-art facility, there’s a good chance that they are probably still experiencing the affects of the drugs they are currently using. This is where we begin the recovery approach and start with the process of detoxification. Depending on the degree of abuse that your child is suffering from, they may require medically supervised detox that may include many helpful medications so they don’t experience such a painful and frightening withdrawal.

After your child has rid their body from the poisons that have taken over their system, the next step is finding out the reasons behind their drug use and this takes place during our therapy sessions. We will utilize many of our unique approaches in therapy sessions and your child will become involved in individual and group therapy programs. Group therapy is crucial to the recovery process because teens can relate to the issues that their peers are also experiencing and begin to form bonds with one another.

Recreational Therapy
When children find an interest in a certain activity, they become more likely to want to participate and join in. They may enjoy outdoor activities, such as sports related events or they may find an interest in cooking, arts and crafts or music and dance classes. Evolve Treatment Centers provides a wide range of exciting activities that your child will find an interest in and want to participate in.

These examples are just a few of the many roads to treatment that your teen will require for a full and long lasting recovery. Please take advantage of our no cost initial consultation, where you and your child will sit down with one of our professional counselors and discuss your situation. You can also call us at 866.205.0862 and speak with one of our associates.

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