Iop Woodland Hills

Iop Woodland Hills

Inpatient treatment is crucial in specific instances. For example, when an individual is struggling with a relapse and needs to get away from their environment, an inpatient program may be the best option. On the other hand, many people benefit from IOP in Woodland Hills because of the intensive level of care provided in an outpatient setting and the support they receive from their loved ones.

At Divinity Recovery, we’re an acclaimed San Fernando Valley outpatient rehab that offers comprehensive IOP treatment for those with a moderate to severe level of addiction. Our mission is to assist people with a substance use disorder achieve a safe and sustainable recovery.

IOP Vs. Standard Outpatient

Intensive outpatient rehab provides a supportive and structured environment for continued addiction treatment without needing to stay in a 24-hour rehab center. For instance, at Divinity Recovery, our IOP program requires 3 hours of attendance per day, five times a week. That way, our guests can continue treatment with other obligations such as taking care of family and children, work, or school.

In our Woodland Hills CA teen outpatient treatment, you will engage in different sessions like group and individual therapy, case management, and a therapeutic activity every week. These sessions will help you overcome your addiction and provide you with the support needed to make a lasting recovery.

Standard outpatient usually entails a reduced number of hours spent in treatment. For instance, at Divinity Recovery, our programs last 2-3 hours every day for two to three days each week. At this point in your recovery, you're almost completely integrated into your normal life with obligations such as going back to school, working full-time, and parenting full-time. Normally, standard outpatient programs are a step-down from IOP. They offer group therapy as well as access to a support group and providers.

Who Will Benefit the Most from IOP Treatment?

Substance abuse treatment provided in an IOP rehab center in Los Angeles is typically recommended for people in the following categories.

  • You have young kids. One of the reasons why people with an addiction desire to find help is because of their children. However, as a parent, it may be hard for you to go to an inpatient rehab. If you do not have anyone who can take care of your children while you get treatment, IOP may be a better alternative.
  • You have not hit rock bottom, but you still need help. Your addiction doesn't have to spiral out of control for you to seek help. It's always best to address your substance use disorder before it escalates. In such a situation, an IOP program would be suitable for you.
  • You have support from close family and friends. If you have a strong support system back at home of friends and family who will help you remain accountable, IOP can be a good option.

Recovering from Addiction at our IOP Rehab

We're a highly sought-after IOP in Woodland Hills treatment facility with high success rates. Our team of highly experienced, compassionate, and qualified specialists is committed to helping you attain sobriety and recover from co-occurring mental health disorders. Contact Divinity Recovery for a free consultation with an addiction expert and pre-approve your insurance: 1-747-204-3398.

Iop Woodland Hills