Inpatient Rehab Costa Mesa

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Inpatient Rehab Costa Mesa

The Ho Tai Way is a great choice for inpatient rehab in Costa Mesa. Our inpatient rehab treats drug and alcohol addiction, as well as other addictions. Here, we take a unique approach to addiction treatment - one that's much different from standard or traditional inpatient drug and alcohol rehabs - to address the underlying causes that influence individuals to partake in behaviors that cause ourselves and our loved ones immense anguish and suffering.

Although we don't have a 100% success rate, The Ho Tai Way helps more people get and stay sober than any other inpatient rehab in Costa Mesa. Contact us today to learn more about The Ho Tai Way.

Should I Go to Inpatient Rehab?

For some people, the answer to this question is an automatic yes, but for others, the answer is not so clear. The only way to determine whether or not inpatient rehab treatment is right for an individual is to conduct an assessment of him or her. Based on our findings during the assessment, we can then make a determination regarding the best treatment plan for the person, which may or may not include detox, inpatient, and or outpatient treatment.

The Natural Rehab Progression

The Ho Tai Way would like to iterate that an assessment is crucial for determining where a person starts and ends in rehab. Some will start in detox, go to inpatient rehab, then to outpatient rehab, and maybe even a sober living home. This could be considered the natural cycle of rehab, but each person can start and end at a different point.

Where a person starts and ends in rehab largely depends on circumstances and a number of other factors. For example, someone who has chronic substance abuse problems may not be able to take time off of work or step away from their families long enough to go to our inpatient rehab in Costa Mesa, even though they need to. In instances like this, intensive outpatient might be better suited to the individual's needs.

How the Ho Tai Way Works

The Ho Tai Way is an inpatient rehab in Costa Mesa that provides top-notch addiction care in a one-of-a-kind, stress-free rehab environment where patients are encouraged to take their time, reflect, and relax in addition to working a serious recovery program. Here, we provide our patients with the tools, education, and resources that they need to not only get clean and sober but to stay clean and sober for the long-run.

For example, patients at The Ho Tai Way will attend meetings, and finding a sponsor is strongly encouraged. In addition to treating the whole person to solve the addiction problem, we also know that inpatient rehab is only a small piece of the much larger picture. Therefore, we try to set all of our patients up for success while they are with us. This might include helping them relocate from an unhealthy environment, end relationships, find sober living homes, etc.

Inpatient Rehab Costa Mesa
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