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Heroin Withdraw Symptoms

 Heroin is making a huge comeback in the drug world today. With the popularization of prescription painkillers, many people are finding themselves addicted to opiates. The appeal of heroin begins when these addicts can no longer afford or obtain prescription painkillers, and turn to the drug as an alternative source.

Heroin Withdraw SymptomsAccording to CNN, around half of injection heroin users began abusing prescription opioid drugs first. Heroin is a lot more affordable and effective than well known prescription drugs like OxyContin and Vicodin.

Once addicted it is next to impossible for an addict to quit abusing the drug on their own accord "cold turkey" so to speak. The reason for this, is the powerful Heroin withdrawal symptoms addicts go through when the drug begins leaving their system.

Heroin Withdraw Symptoms

Heroin Withdraw Symptoms present themselves in various ways in different people. Certain factors like how long a person has been abusing the drug, how the drug was used, and how much is taken in each use, plays a major role in which symptoms present themselves in addicts suffering from withdrawal. The drug effects certain areas of the central nervous system. What makes the drug so addictive is that once it enters the bloodstream, heroin increases the amount of endorphins (naturally secreted chemicals in the brain that cause feelings of pleasure), released from the pituitary gland. How much the brain relies on the drug because of this, can play a part in Heroin Withdraw Symptoms.

Heroin Withdraw Symptoms can be broken down into three separate categories that include: mild, moderate, and severe. Nausea, abdominal cramps, chills and sweats are categorized as mild withdrawal symptoms. Vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness and fatigue are categorized as moderate withdrawal symptoms. More serious conditions like rapid heart rate, impaired respiration, hypertension, and difficulty feeling pleasure are categorized as severe withdrawal symptoms.

Medical detox of heroin usually takes around 5 to 7 days for the drug to be completely removed from the body's central nervous system. There are rare times when the detox may take longer because of the chronic and heavy abuse of the drug. Heroin detox centers are very helpful for recovering addicts.

When you talk about good heroin detox centers Delray Beach has some of the best heroin detox centers in America. This area of Florida seems to have a deeply rooted passion to help recovering addicts achieve their dream of being sober. Detox Centers West Palm Beach , Oak Tree Delray, and Transformation Treatment Center are just a few of the very successful heroin detox centers Delray Beach. Heroin detox delray beach, heroin detox delray beach.


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