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Defeating the opioid epidemic in America is going to require a lot of collaboration and a concerted effort on the part of addiction treatment specialists. Today, more and more people are abusing heroin because they cannot obtain the prescription drugs that they have become addicted to. Following an accident or medical surgery, opioids are often prescribed for pain relief. After prolonged exposure to these drugs, people become dependent upon them to function. Inevitably, the physician will stop prescribing these drugs at some point, but the patient is already addicted to them. Because he or she can longer access the medication, they will turn to heroin instead. We see this all the time at our heroin addiction clinic in Northbrook, IL.

Of course, this isn't the only reason that people use and abuse heroin. The reasons that people abuse heroin are almost as numerous as the number of heroin abusers that there are. In other words; everybody has their reasons for abusing heroin and other drugs, and they are not all the same. Still, since the mid-90s, this phenomenon has been happening in America, and the problem is still accelerating.

Heroin Addiction is a Widespread Problem

In the 1970s, heroin was predominately an inner-city drug that affected minority communities predominately. This is no longer the case today. In today's world, heroin is accessible in every community, large and small, urban to rural. In fact; heroin has become one of the most accessible drugs in America! Sadly, more and more people are falling to heroin addiction, and people from all walks of life are being affected by it.

Some Common Misconceptions About Heroin Addiction

People go through life being told that they are bad, evil, and worse because they are addicted to heroin. This happens within the family and within the community at large. However, studies show that the majority of people who abuse heroin are individuals who have experienced real trauma in their lives. Most people start using drugs to feel better or to mask a problem, only to wind up compounding the issue as drug addiction inevitably does. After hearing that they are bad, immoral, evil, etc. because of their drug use, heroin abusers start to believe it, and it becomes their own self-truth.

Get the Help You Need to Overcome Your Heroin Addiction Before it's Too Late

Brightside Clinic is a heroin addiction clinic in Northbrook, IL that understands what people go through during their addictions. Additionally, many heroin abusers suffer from co-occurring psychological disorders. For these reasons, Brightside Clinic focuses on pharmacological treatment and therapeutic treatment. We do our best to rebuild self-esteem in our patients and help them make healthy decisions to live a positive, happier life where heroin abuse is no longer an attractive concept.

Indeed, heroin abusers are often seen as being individuals who have a weak moral constitution, when in actuality, they are just damaged people. At Brightside Clinic, we are non-judgmental. We are here to help. We understand that addiction - especially heroin addiction - is very hard to overcome, and it takes time! Don't worry; Brightside Clinic will be here for you every step of the way. Call today to schedule your appointment with a heroin addiction treatment doctor.

Heroin Addiction Clinic Northbrook IL