Halfway Houses Near Me

Are there reputable halfway houses near me? While many sober living homes are renown for the drug use that takes place inside of them, there are still a handful of halfway houses that are considered truly safe places to live while getting support after addiction treatment. It’s not always easy to differentiate between the two- your best course of action is calling Recovery Essential.

Real Freedom at Recovery Essential

Long-term recovery is found in our sober living spaces, located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We combine sober living with intensive outpatient care and optional clinical support to ensure you have access to 24/7 care when you need it. If your focus is preventing relapse and continuing on the road to recovery with no obstacles in the way, our homes might be the perfect place to prepare for life outside of treatment.

A Healing Conducive Environment

For those interested in lifelong recovery from drug or alcohol, addiction, sober living is not a time for partying; in fact, questionable activities, including drinking and drug use, will undo the work that took place during detox and residential treatment. If you’re committed to a life apart from drug or alcohol use, it’s imperative that you don’t simply choose the first ‘halfway houses near me’ that you come across in your online search. Recovery Essential’s sober living homes offer the following advantages:

  • A strict policy of no-tolerance for drugs or alcohol
  • Accountability throughout your stay
  • Healthy, structured living
  • A safe environment
  • Gender-exclusive houses
  • Couples homes
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Mandatory job resume submissions
  • Strict curfews
  • House chores

Staying Sober at Recovery Essential

Our house amenities add tremendous value to our living environments, making it enjoyable to stay sober. As you learn how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life again, you’ll see value in our community barbecues, gym memberships, gaming consoles, Posterpedic mattresses, fresh linens, spacious rooms, and beautiful, remodeled facilities. These small perks often go unnoticed during cycles of using and make the time spent in our sober living homes that much sweeter.

Couples Halfway Houses Near me

Our staff at Recovery Essential understands the strong desire for couples to stay together during inpatient treatment- and after. When both parties make a commitment to getting well and staying well, we like to reward their efforts by making it possible to continue the path to wellness together. When both parties in a relationship broken by drug or alcohol use set out to make a life-long change, success is not only possible, but it’s also a beautiful thing for others to behold. We honor that commitment with couples sober living options in Delray Beach.

You can learn more about our halfway houses when you explore the Recovery Essential resources online or by reaching out to our staff by phone. We’d love to answer every question you have and make the process of placement one that is convenient and personalized.

Halfway Houses Near Me
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