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When fighting to overcome your substance addiction, you need a team of experts to support you along the way. Our Delray Beach Halfway Houses make for an ideal environment where you can recover in peace and work towards rebuilding your life. Don’t attempt to treat your addiction yourself!

Reach to us, at Halfway Houses, and we’ll take it from there! Substance addiction is a mental disease first and foremost. It’s progressive, potentially lethal, and with severe implications in the long run, not just for you, but for everyone close to you as well. Both prolonged and aggravated alcoholism and drug addiction will impact the lives of those you love in ways you might not yet comprehend.

We know you may have started to lose hope in ever coming out clean, but you don’t need to. Although incurable, substance addiction is manageable. We offer you the opportunity to live your life free from addiction and the suffering it brings with it.

At our center, we achieve that through programs like:

Inpatient rehab

If you are in advanced stages of addiction, you need to join the inpatient program. Compared to the outpatient version, the inpatient treatment relies on 24/7 supervision and strict levels of control during the rehab. Depending on your condition, the duration of the program may vary slightly.

The benefits include:

  • Strict control to prevent the relapse
  • Advanced detox services
  • Friendly and attentive staff
  • The possibility to adjust the rehab program depending on your progress
  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Private counseling
  • A safe environment to meditate and fight your inner demons
  • Educational and recreative programs, etc.

At our Halfway Houses, we offer a luxurious stay and a welcoming and supporting family of professionals to care for you. Use our hotline if you wish to find out more about the treatment!

Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

The next stage in the treatment process is the graduation; the day when you become stable enough to move to the IOP. Unlike the inpatient program, you will no longer require permanent supervision. For the entire duration of the IOP, you will only attend daily meetings for treatment and assessment; no overnight stay required.

The intensive outpatient program also comes with additional benefits like:

  • The freedom to remain socially active during the rehab program
  • Increased privacy, since you can now fit the treatment hours in your daily routine easier
  • Additional family support, as you will be spending most of your time at home, etc.

Aftercare and relapse prevention

We believe that the recovery program should never stop when it comes to substance addiction. We’re talking about an incurable disease that has the potential to relapse under the right circumstances. At Halfway Houses, our goal is to avoid those circumstances.

We offer comprehensive lifestyle improvement advice and relapse prevention support for years to come. You will learn how to become more sociable, work towards building a career, make friends, and grow as a better human being. At Delray Beach Halfway Houses, we offer you the opportunity to get your life back. Take it before it’s too late!

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