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Chemical addiction is a progressive mental disease that will take control over your entire life. At Delray Beach Halfway House, we fight to prevent that. We’ve been saving people from the brink of destruction for years, thanks to our highly effective rehab treatment.

Come to our Halfway House and sign in with the program as soon as possible! Despite its well-known aggressiveness, substance addiction is manageable. We advise you against resorting to any type of self-detox procedure. The results will almost always work against you. Instead, rely on our team of experts to get the job done.

The benefits are immense in the long run:

Thorough and comfortable detox

The most difficult stage in the rehabilitation process is overcoming the withdrawal phase. And you shouldn’t force yourself to fight this battle alone. The detoxification process that we’re offering will provide you with:

  • Less pain and discomfort during the procedure
  • Reduced cravings
  • A more balanced behavior and emotional display
  • A more positive state of mind
  • Flushing the toxins from the body
  • Restoring the functionality of the opioid receptors, etc.

Our clinicians will build the medication plan based on your clinical profile, ensuring you remain sober for good. Participating in a professional detox treatment will not only help you go clean but will prevent the short-term relapse as well.

Emotional and spiritual healing

One of the most complex phases in the rehab treatment is restoring the patient’s ability to enjoy life again. Most victims of substance addiction have forgotten how to experience natural pleasure, enjoy the company of other people, and strive to make their lives better.

It is our job to correct that. During your stay at our Halfway House, you will be able to interact with other patients, share your stories, and support one another during this life-defining journey. We have a lot of recreative social activities to participate in, including group therapy sessions, designed to help you open your soul and bond with those around you.

The rehab program that we’re offering is meant to cure both your body and your soul of the toxins that have taken over your life. It’s an experience that will change your world dramatically.

Long-term relapse prevention

Your personal war with substance addiction will never end. What we can do for you, however, is to teach you advanced strategies to help you remain on top on all fronts. The ideal relapse prevention strategy will last for years to come, encompassing aspects like:

  • Avoiding the social triggers
  • Restoring your relationships with those close to you
  • Repairing your marriage
  • Building towards a career
  • Becoming financially independent and confident
  • Developing new passions and hobbies
  • Grow more positive and optimistic about your future

If you’re a victim of chemical addiction, don’t be afraid and don’t despair! You will find salvation at our Halfway House. Call us, at Delray Beach Halfway Houses, share your problems with us, and have faith! There is life beyond addiction, and we’ll help you discover it.

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