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Finding the right rehabilitation program for substance abuse patients with mental health concerns is challenging. Valley Recovery Center is among the ideal Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California to provide that. We give patients a meaningful treatment experience in a supportive atmosphere for the whole process of healing, restoring, and renewing lives.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

As an innovation in the field of addiction recovery, dual diagnosis treatment involves treatment of the substance use disorder with associated mental health conditions. Before the development of this approach, clinicians address the mental health concerns of substance abuse patients separately from the treatment of the substance use disorder. They usually receive treatment for mental illness after their treatment and recovery for substance use disorder.

The Dual Diagnosis Treatment will address both illnesses and treat them as part of a continuum of care. Clinicians immediately assess the patients with substance use disorder with possible mental health concerns. Upon assessment, those who will meet the specified criteria will undergo dual diagnosis treatment.

How does Dual Diagnosis Treatment work?

After the assessment of the patient, the treatment center will design an appropriate recovery plan for the patient. Clinicians will monitor possible withdrawal symptoms and other health conditions, including mental health issues. The goal of the whole process is to make the patient physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially healthy.

Our Dual Diagnosis treatment centers in California offer intensive outpatient treatment depending on the situation of the patient. Either way, the center will reduce the exposure of the patient to risks and triggers. The center will then introduce psychotherapy to address the psychological conditions of the patient adequately. This comprehensive recovery plan also includes giving the patient opportunities to continue education and work after the process.

Why do patients need to undergo Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual Diagnosis Treatment helps the patient recover quickly and help break the cycle of substance abuse. It also addresses the effects and underlying factors of substance use, which involves mental health concerns. Several studies show the association between mental illness and substance use disorders. The treatment helps identify the mental health issues associated with the substance use disorder of the patient, as well as the potential triggers of substance abuse. It will help the patients control these issues and triggers while the clinicians treat substance abuse.

As part of the process, the treatment will allow the family and loved ones of the patient to have a role in the recovery, which will build stronger relationships even after the recovery. Dual diagnosis treatments also include other holistic treatments such as yoga, massage therapy, meditation, and nutritional counseling. This will improve the physical and mental health of the patients and help them find balance and positivity in their lives.

There is scarcity in the Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California, but with Valley Recovery Center, we have experts for this. We provide treatments with a holistic approach to help hasten the recovery of the patient. Contact us any time and let us help you!

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers California
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