Dual Diagnosis San Diego

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Dual Diagnosis San Diego

Six Things You Should Know About Dual Diagnosis In San Diego

For several years, people who suffer from both mental health issues and addiction had to treat each of them separately. In some cases, mental health disorder treatment will be put on hold until the person is sober and clean. Unfortunately, the abuse of substance is the major thing that leads to mental health disorder, and this means people who suffer both illnesses were not able to get the appropriate help they require.

Thanks to the advancements and improvements made in psychological and medical studies, which has now made it possible to treat both mental health disorder and addiction simultaneously. The combination of addiction and mental health disorder is now what is known as Dual Diagnosis, and they both need simultaneous attention for effective treatment. Below are some the things you need to know about dual diagnosis in San Diego:

Dual Diagnosis Comes In Several Forms

A combination of addiction (such as drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, etc.) and mental disorder (including depression, anxiety disorder, etc.) can qualify someone as a patient with dual diagnosis in San Diego. As you can imagine, the chances are almost endless.

It is Difficult to Treat Dual Diagnosis

One of the things that make the treatment of dual diagnosis very difficult is that it is very challenging to determine where some symptoms are coming from. For instance, if a patient with dual diagnosis is suffering from severe depression, it is very difficult to know at the initial stage if it is the mental disorder of the person or the drug addiction that is the cause of the problem. Depression can be caused by a lot of things, so the difficulty here is for the healthcare professional to determine the cause and take care of it.

Patients Diagnosed with Dual Diagnosis are High-risk for Suicide

Coping with mental health disorder is already a very difficult challenge, not to talk of when complications from addiction are factored in, this increases the tendency of violent and suicide rate of people with dual diagnosis. This is why it is important to get a dual diagnosis in San Diego as quickly as possible.

People with Mental Health Disorder Are Susceptible to Addiction

Patients coping with mental health disorders are at higher risk of being addicted. Those suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and some other severe conditions are most likely to be addicted to the drugs they drink and use.

Some Drug Rehab Centers Do Not Have the Proper Equipment to Take Care of People With Dual Diagnosis

As you might have learned already, dual diagnosis is a very complex problem. Only dual diagnosis San Diego centers with emphasis on dual diagnosis and with psychiatric staff are truly equipped when it comes to helping these patients with their recovery.

The Treatment of Dual Diagnosis In San Diego May Require a Longer Period to Complete

There is no quick solution when it comes to alcohol or drug rehab, but when you consider the patience and care needed to take care of mental health disorder, you may have a situation that might be prolonged by months or sometimes even years.


Dual Diagnosis San Diego