Drug Treatment Houston

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Drug Treatment Houston

Recovering from drug addiction is not an easy task but you can take your life back with professional drug treatment in Houston. You have already taken the important first step by realizing that you have a substance abuse problem. Now you can get the help you need to overcome your addition and live a productive and happy drug-free life.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Not everyone’s addiction problem is the same and therefore not everyone’s treatment should be alike. Drug treatment in Houston will include a variety of treatment options that are proven useful in overcoming drug addictions. A trained professional will meet with you and you will have a complete evaluation. Then, a treatment plan will be developed that takes into account your special requirements.

Treatment plans may include many different types of care. All will include some individual therapy so you can begin to understand the reasons for your addiction and learn to recognize the signs that trigger drug abuse. This cognitive behavioral therapy will be coupled with a traditional 12-step program and other treatments.

In addition, family therapy will be included in your care. During drug treatment in Houston you will be surrounded by a team of highly skilled professionals who are here to support you at every point of your recovery. When you return home after treatment you need a support team in place to keep you motivated. This support team will be your family members and close friends.

What to Expect During Drug Treatment in Houston

Residential drug treatment in Houston allows you to focus all of your attention on your goal. We have a team of about 100 professionals who are here to assist you throughout the program. We want to make sure that your experience is a good one and that your treatment plan is working. We are dedicated to restoring hope to you and your family. With our proven successful treatment plan you can overcome your addiction.

Our intensive program is multi-faceted. We offer many services to our residents including group and individual counseling, trauma resolution, psychiatric services, medical services, chemical education, 12-step groups, physical fitness and recreational activities including equine therapy.

In addition, we help you plan for your success after you leave our facility. We offer vocational counseling and assessment, relapse prevention, discharge planning and referral services. We cater to young people and offer accredited educational services to kids ages 12 to 18.

At Sundown Ranch we provide a comprehensive and affordable program where young people can have a safe and protective environment to overcome their addictions. There is no better place to begin your recovery and no better time to start than now.

You have the rest of your life ahead of you so you don’t drugs to keep you from achieving your goals. We understand how to help with drug addictions and with the underlying problems in your life. Our compassionate and caring staff is here to help you every step of the way towards complete recovery. You can have the life you dream about.   

Drug Treatment Houston
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