Drug Treatment Center Southern California

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Do you plan to buy a home next to your chosen drug treatment center in Southern California? Some housing professionals may present disparaging remarks about the move. People tend to assume that neighborhoods with rehab centers have a low market value and will often experience a hard sales period. The assumption could not be any further from the truth, according to several research studies.

Treatment centers are usually inconspicuous because they imitate a usual relaxation facility or school. They have blackout curtains and rarely have disturbing signage next to the road. Most treatment centers have a locked gate at all times of the day and night. Generally, the treatment center’s setup aims to allow clients to have a peaceful recovery process free of all outside distractions.

Inpatient treatment centers have strict guidelines because the patients spend most of their day and night within the compound. Some freestanding facilities transport patients to various relaxation spots, such as the beach or a sports facility using a company-owned transport channel. Outpatient centers reduce visits from patients because the professionals work in off-site housing locations.

Does a drug treatment center reduce the market value?

A counter-argument about the location of drug treatment centers states that drug rehab’s management chooses the site for a particular reason. It explained that a drug rehab would often have better success in neighborhoods with a deteriorating market value. Similarly, sex offenders often choose to live in cheap communities so they can have better access to victims and maintain a less conspicuous status.

The 2003 study also stated that enacting a treatment center in specific locations would lead to a decline in property value by up to seventeen percent. Building a high-end facility in a high-end estate will, however, have minimal effect on the property value. Conclusively, taking into account the difference between neighborhoods and the treatment center will reveal the reasons for all declines in question.

Another study explained that drug treatment centers do not have a significant impact on rising and falling property values. The conclusion also stated that each research study was only relevant to the city in question. Washington City has headquarters of Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, and Nordstorm scattered all over the region. The presence of several drug treatment centers around the company’s’ locations did not have a significant impact on the housing market.

Future of drug treatment centers in America

The United States has experienced a quadrupled increase in opioid fatalities in the last two decades. Ten percent of adults admit to using illicit drugs a few times in a month, while a significant number has a proven struggle with alcohol.

The construction of a drug treatment center in Southern California is essential in maintaining the sobriety rate in the community. Additionally, a sober community will often have less crime, a better local community, and increased property values. This case will lead to increased walkability, better diversity, and an increase in green spaces in the city. Findings suggest that the potential benefits of more high-quality treatment centers will offset the initial results of reduced house values.




Drug Treatment Center Southern California