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Johnny the Healer created The Holistic Sanctuary, and over a decade the facility became one of the most excellent and most exceptional options for people with various addictions, depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

Our drug rehab facilities, a brief description

The high-end amenities, a multitude of complementary and alternative therapies, along with sacred plant medicine, are the aspects that set it apart from the competition, for sure. Add the experienced holistic healers, shamans, and qualified medical professionals, and you get to understand why the center has become one of the most significant landmarks for helping people with addiction, PTSD, depression, and various mental health sicknesses.

How does the healing begin at our drug rehab facilities?

Even if the approach is innovative and comprehensive at the Holistic Sanctuary, detoxification still is the first phase for one's healing. Only when the drug residues, pesticides, stored toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals are eliminated from the body throughout organ cleanses, the patient is ready for the next phases of the program. Ayahuasca or Ibogaine cannot be administered unless the body is purged from the chemicals.

The fundamental purpose of the detox process is the repairing of the brain, but the cleansing of the colon, kidneys, liver, and bloodstream is also helpful for success. Complete body healing will help people heal for good.

Moreover, the detoxification methods are 100% natural and organic. They involve vitamins, minerals, superfoods, amino acids, oxygen, and plant phytonutrients. The detox process isn't painful, but gentle and poses minimal risk for violent withdrawals. People become free of the psychological and physiological power of addictive drugs only after every drug residue and toxins have vanished from the brain and body.

What happens after detox?

The Pouyan Method focuses on brain repair in multiple complementary ways. Stem cell and oxygen therapies will rebuild the brain cells. In contrast, meditation, yoga, and other treatments are used for inversing the damage caused by negative thinking and negative beliefs on people's chance of complete healing.

Patients don't realize the power of negative thoughts and beliefs generated by the psychological, social, spiritual toxins. The healing process cannot succeed unless the effects of negative thinking are reversed. Strong plant medicines become part of the solution and are used with extreme care and a high level of professionalism at the Holistic Sanctuary.

Why is Ibogaine treatment a reliable solution for people with drug addiction?

The Iboga plant generates a particular psychedelic/hallucinogenic effects, and it's fundamental for Ibogaine. It's strong enough to energize one's long term memory, visual images from the past, and even powerful reflection of the recollections for many hours.

There are two ways in which Ibogaine is used for people with drug addiction. Primarily, Ibogaine will control the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. On the other hand, it can also sustain restoring and repairers of the brain damages caused by long time drug abuse.

It has been revealed that Ibogaine also reduces the risk of compulsive and addictive answers to the brain. Just one dose of Ibogaine will eradicate the withdrawal symptoms and cravings and even block the unusual reuptake of serotonin that may appear in case of long time substance consumption.

Unlike any other substances used for treating drug addiction, Ibogaine provides immediate results and isn’t addictive. Once results are obtained, they can last for many months, which explains both its use and importance for treating people with drug dependency.

What makes our Method so effective in treating people with addiction?

Johnny called the method he developed the “Pouyan Method” meaning the “Seeker Method”. It is a standardized healing system developed from a holistic understanding of the human body, mind and soul. The system relies on a comprehensive combination of tools and methods such as NAD IV drips, non-GMO and organic diet, health supplements, telomere repair, and sacred plant medicine for eradicating the root cause of the addiction.

The Pouyan Method's rate of success is an impressive 90% for people following a two-week program, whereas patients enrolling in four-week programs have an incredible 99% success rate. Every single method included in the Pouyan Method will repair, restore, and rewire the brain, taking it to the pre-addiction phase. Johnny is genuinely dedicated to his work, so he doesn't stop analyzing and studying every single patient, developing a custom protocol for everyone joining the program.

What does the drug rehab Method consist of more exactly?

People signing up will have a liver panel and blood work done every single week. Constant cardiology checkup, EKG, ECG tests, and heart checkups are also run so that the health condition is monitored continuously.

The holistic approach of the protocol means that in-house ER doctors and 24-hour nursing care and supervision are provided as well.

Patients have daily access to the gym, and they may enjoy the comfort of the Holistic Sanctuary in the private suite with a private bath. Organic sheets and linen make the patient feel pampered so that he/she can have a better mood and positive take on the healing process.

Yoga, meditation, massage sessions, and IV drips are also part of the protocol. Some people will also benefit from the sacred plant medicine (1 to 7 ceremonies), but only after they have been medically approved.

People with drug addiction often have poor health, which is why fresh organic meals, with 90% raw food, but 100% natural, and 100% non-GMO is provided.


Why is yoga a useful tool for addressing substance abuse?

For many people, yoga is only about the benefits for the body, but the improvements that yoga has for the mind are amazing. Yoga is about breathing, but it's a special kind that helps the body and mind to work as a channel, eliminating emotional and physical pain.

When people abuse drugs or alcohol, our consciousness is altered, and our body's energy centers are damaged. The damage may also generate more toxins in the body, changing our mental and physical wellness.

Yoga is capable of re-creating the connection between mind, body, and soul while enhancing mindfulness. It also promotes muscle strength, tone, focus, flexibility, and helps one obtain emotional stability and self-discipline. We stand out as one of the best drug rehab institutions to employ yoga therapy for addressing psychological illnesses and addiction.

For a better understanding of yoga’s role when addressing addiction, here are the main benefits for one’s mind, body, and soul.

It strengthens the immune system and inverses the symptoms of different sicknesses.

Yoga may sustain the detoxification process in the body, and detox is the first step to take when treating addiction.

People dealing with various pain benefit from yoga too and may control their body a lot more efficiently. Yoga induces relaxation and gives people self-confidence.

At our drug rehab center, people learn how to practice yoga regularly so that they fight depression and symptoms related to it. It has been shown that yoga eases out the elimination of internal negative thoughts, helping people become more positive about their healing and life.

It reduces levels of depression and anxiety.

When people are depressed, some areas of the brain become hyperactive, while others remain inactive or work slowly. Yoga will normalize all sectors, bringing balance for all areas of the brain.

It lessens cravings in addiction.

Kundalini Yoga has been revealed to have positive effects on blood circulation in the brain regions where feelings of joy, happiness, and peace are generated. Moreover, while practicing yoga, the GABA receptor cells in the brain are created, sustaining the mental power and vitality.  

GABA receptors are also present in areas of the brain, controlling emotion and behavior, and it seems that people with addiction have less. Unresolved emotional trauma may alter Kundalini flow, blocking the chakras, and eventually lead to physical symptoms. Once Kundalini is open again, the body will begin to heal on its own.

It reduces the level of cortisol.

Yoga practice will also lower the production of serum cortisol, which is the stress hormone. People who feel pressure will start feeling more relaxed after including yoga in their daily routine.

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The Holistic Sanctuary is one of the most prestigious and reliable drug rehab centers in California, and the comprehensive approach of drug or alcohol addiction is what helps us get amazing results.

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