Drug Intervention Philadelphia

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Drug Intervention Philadelphia

A drug or alcohol intervention is a last-ditch effort to save an addict from themselves. Don’t attempt this alone without professional help; instead, let the team at Addiction Treatment Group conduct your intervention. Our team has years of experience with drug intervention in Philadelphia.

How do you know when it’s time to stage an intervention?

Deciding when to stage an intervention varies from family to family. Some families don’t stage an intervention until the addict is at rock bottom. Their thought process is that if the addict is at a low point, they are more likely to listen to what their loved ones say.

Others disagree with this approach. To those families, they want to help the addict before things get to rock bottom. Those families fear for the health and safety of their loved one, and they don’t want things to go on for an extended period. These families opt to intervene early to spare their loved ones' pain and suffering.

There is no ideal or wrong time to stage an intervention. This is why this process should happen with a professional. They know what steps to take based on this kind of information.

Recognizing the signs of addiction

All addicts exhibit similar behaviors. If you suspect your loved one has a problem, be on the lookout for these behaviors.

  • Heightened emotions
  • Financial struggles (especially if this had never been an issue)
  • Changes in appearance (especially hygiene)
  • Changes in behavior
  • Increased tolerance for the substance
  • Increased forgetfulness
  • Isolating themselves

If you see these behaviors in your loved one, they need help. Work with a professional to stage a drug intervention in Philadelphia.

Understanding addiction

If you do not understand addiction, you may think a person can just quit. It is a common misconception that an addict can stop their behavior at any time and that they choose to do drugs. This misconception is even more common if the person has had prior negative health impacts from their drug use. To understand why the person doesn’t quit, you must understand addiction.

Addiction is a disease affecting a person’s brain. In the brain of an addict, the pleasure centers of the brain stop responding to other stimuli that make them feel happy and good. Their brain responds to the drugs, and eventually, those become the only things that make them feel good. It is challenging to get the brain to recognize other things as sources of pleasure again. It takes intense treatment and therapy. It is not just as easy as deciding to quit.

Helping a loved one after an intervention

An intervention is an intense experience. Hopefully, the meeting goes well, and the addict accepts the offer of help. However, if they do not, the best way you can help an addict is not to enable their behavior. Without help, their addiction will take their life. You want to help them live, but you can not help them in any manner that assists them in getting high.

For a drug intervention in Philadelphia, enlist the help of trained professionals. Addiction Treatment Group is ready to help you and your loved one.

Drug Intervention Philadelphia
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