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If you believe you’ve become addicted to alcohol or drugs, come to Delray Beach Halfway Houses today! Don’t attempt to self-detox, and don’t even think you can overcome your addiction using sheer willpower. Substance addiction, whether caused by alcohol, opioids, antidepressants, or any other chemical, is a disease. It’s progressive, non-discriminatory, and eventually lethal.

You will find the solution to all of your problems right here, at our detox centers in Delray Beach. We owe the success of our program to several key factors, including:

A comprehensive, holistic approach

One-trick-pony detox clinics usually fail in delivering consistent, lasting results for obvious reasons. Substance addiction is a complex disorder that requires a multitude of strategies. Our rehab treatment relies on tools like:

Personalized medication plans – The detox process is vital for your recovery. To ensure the best results, we use each patient’s clinical profile as a starting point in drawing the detoxification plan. The detox procedure will help you overcome the withdrawal, minimize the pain and the cold turkey symptoms, and will restore your chemical balance in the nervous system.

Psychological and emotional support – While medication is meant to stabilize your condition and cleanse your body, our top psychotherapies will do the same for your mind and spirit. Through programs like individual and group counseling, group activities, and emotional trauma support, we help speed the recovery process with long-lasting benefits. Some of them include a more stable behavior, a clearer mind, and strengthened willpower.

Spiritual rejuvenation – The faster you get to enjoy life in its true colors, the better. At our detox centers in Delray Beach, we offer a multitude of group recreational activities to join. Nature walks, swimming, boat trips, kayaking, sports – everything you need to train your body and your spirit at the same time. Our purpose is to help you experience natural levels of dopamine, which will eventually wash away the temptation of using chemical stimulation instead.

A welcoming family

We are not here to judge or mock you. We know the pain and suffering you’re going through right now, and we want to help. We are a family, welcoming everyone who needs a shoulder to lean on. At our centers, you will find people fighting the same battles that have been consuming your life for so long.

Here, you will be able to make friends, share your stories, listen to others’ problems, and work together towards a common goal. You shouldn’t be alone when fighting your life’s battle and you won’t be.

Aftercare and education

The rehab treatment doesn’t end with you leaving our detox centers in Delray Beach. In reality, that’s when the true test begins. This is why it is our job to prepare you for social reintegration and one of the strategies we use revolve around the concept of relapse prevention.

At Delray Beach Halfway Houses, we offer extensive education on lifestyle improvement, relapse prevention, and substance addiction. Call us and let us help you defeat your demons and become a better person, with a brighter future than you could’ve hoped for!

Detox Centers Delray Beach
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