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Churchill Reserve

Churchill Reserve Grass-Fed Beef

There is one place where you can actually buy nutritiously good premium supplies of the grass-fed type of butcher boxes for your food business or individual consumption, here, at Churchill Reserve, you can purchase economical meat products with exceptional product quality.

You can have the best options of beef meat products from ground type, patty bundle for hamburger use, and the prime bundles which are all 100% grass nourished. The legacy of the Churchill Reserve has preserved the natural lifestyle of a rural setup and blended the knowledge on health and welfare development, pasture and soil management, and an improved strategy in handling naturally handled livestock farm.

Churchill Reserve Best Products and Benefits

Each cattle taken care of in our farm is genetically chosen to fit the grass-fed lifestyle in order to produce a more nutritious and larger quality of meat products. The usual growth of the animal is from the age 18 up to 24 months in which their bodies are beginning to convert and store fat within rather than muscle build up. Scientifically, fats produced from grass are much healthier compared to other artificial cattle food components, that is why, our reserve area produces a more reliable quality of meat, unlike other meat production farms. Here, we also meticulously measure and identify the proper quality and kind of grasses, herbs, or clovers needed by the animals including the soil component where they mingle in order to accurately determine the nutritional capacity and the meat value in their bodies.

Aside from that, we have also developed strategies and various approach in properly handling cattle which are considered to be prey animals. In this way, we can avoid causing stress to the animals as we make sure to give them precise supervision and control in terms of fencing materials, sorting of the animals in the field, diet management, and transport or move systems.

Hence, we ensure that our meat products have well-balanced fat and nutrition to maintain our premium standard of meat production. Our ground beef products usually cost $149.95 for one pack which is commonly used for hot dishes, grilled burgers, tacos, spaghetti, and a lot more dishes. On the other hand, our bundle for grass-fed beef is at least $795 which the highest quality type of meat that we offer. Lastly, we have hamburger type of patty bundles which is at $159.95 in which you can actually avoid from cooking pre-made common patties that do not contain any important component or nutrition. The 1/3 measurement of ground patties is usually around 24 pounds.

Contact Information

Churchill Reserve can help you sustain and consume healthier meat and we are always happy to assist you with your needs regarding our products. Just visit our website at to view more details about our product services by just filling out the registration form provided on the site for message sending. You may also visit our farm at 36001 63rd Avenue Way Cannon Falls MN, 55009 and let us talk about the best offer that you can take advantage of based on your meat requirements and production capacity.

Churchill Reserve