Alcohol Rehab Scottsdale

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Alcohol Rehab Scottsdale

Many people come to us when they are at the end of the road with their addictions and there is no way to continue doing what they were doing previously. Many people come to Soul Surgery Rehab completely depressed, miserable, and some are even suicidal! If you are at the end of your rope with alcohol, it's time for some Soul Surgery. We'll send someone to come pick you up at your home and drive you to rehab.

If you have lost all hope and your addiction to alcohol has brought you to your lowest point, then it's time to seek help from a reputed alcohol rehab in Scottsdale. Here, you'll find one of the best, most comprehensive alcohol treatment programs in the world!

Soul Surgery Rehab Offers Rehab and Detox for Alcohol

If you have been drinking alcohol excessively for a long time, you have probably developed a physical dependency to the substance. Therefore, if you attempt to quit using alcohol on your own, you will face withdrawal symptoms which can make you very sick, and in the worst cases, withdrawal symptoms can even kill you! We'll get you right into medical detox, which is done in-house, so when you finish detox, you can go straight into rehab.

What it's Like in Alcohol Rehab

The first thirty to ninety days of rehab are critically important. During this period, you may experience dramatic mood swings and emotions. The good thing about our alcohol rehab in Scottsdale is that it is a luxurious and tranquil setting. We do everything we can to make conditions as comfortable as possible. During your stay at Soul Surgery Rehab, we're going to give you the skills you need to cope with urges, stress, and anxiety. We're going to teach you how to handle social pressures and avoid situations that trigger drinking.

Indeed, there are a lot of tools that we use to help our patients get sober and stay sober, including meditation and Yoga. Our goal is to provide you with the education, tools, and resources that you need to stay sober long after you graduate rehab. These tools and resources may include helping you find sponsorship, helping you obtain sober living housing, and working with you to create a viable aftercare treatment plan.

An Alcohol Rehab in Scottsdale that Feels Like Home

At Soul Surgery Rehab, our luxurious, amenity-rich alcohol rehab in Scottsdale helps you to feel like you're not completely taken out of life. You'll be able to go outdoors, play golf, go rock climbing, shoot some hoops - many of the same things that you could do at home. This way, you will want to engage with the recovery process more and not get bored or stressed out because of it.

At Soul Surgery Rehab, we want you to move around and keep busy. At the same time, rest and rejuvenation are part and parcel of recovery. That is why we provide an ideal balance of rest, work, and play.

Alcohol Rehab Scottsdale
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Alcohol Rehab Scottsdale
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