Alcohol Detox Ottawa Ontario

Alcohol Detox Ottawa Ontario

Alcoholism is, in many aspects, even more devastating than drug addiction long-term. At Valiant Recovery, we offer comprehensive alcohol detox in Ottawa, Ontario, for fast recovery and long-lasting results.

The biggest danger of alcoholism

What makes alcoholism truly dangerous and unique as a substance addiction is that fact that it builds over years or decades of abuse. In many situations, it’s difficult to differentiate between the symptoms of excessive alcohol consumption, compulsive alcohol abuse, and alcohol addiction. By the time the victim, along with family members or friends, realize the truth, the disease would have already reached advanced phases.

Since you can’t know how severe your problem is, we advise you to contact our experts immediately. You can take our online self-evaluation test for addiction, just to have an idea where you stand, but you should contact us soon for a more in-depth assessment and rehab planning!

Is there a cure for alcoholism?

Alcohol addiction is chronic in nature, with the potential to cause relapse both during and after the treatment, which means there is no cure. Chronic disorders have no cure by definition, but they are manageable, substance addiction better than any other. One of the side-effects of prolonged alcohol addiction is that it breaks the victim’s spirit. Many people lose their hope of ever achieving their freedom and fall victim to desperation as a result.

We’re here to keep your hope alive and tell you that you must not despair. There is always a way out. Our alcohol detox in Ottawa, Ontario, relies on targeted medication plans to:

  • Overcome the withdrawal
  • Decrease the pain and discomfort coming with quitting cold turkey
  • Detoxify the organism and flush the substance from your system
  • Restore the chemical balance of the brain
  • Restore the healthy functioning of the nervous system
  • Rebalance your behavior and improve your emotional and spiritual stability, etc.

All these benefits will contribute to restoring your control over your thoughts, allowing you to take your life into a completely new direction. With us guiding your steps, you will defeat addiction and never look back again.

How do you deal with an alcoholic person?

If someone you care about struggles with alcohol addiction, you need to stage an intervention as soon as possible. The intervention is a planned procedure which aims to convince the victim of the necessity of the treatment. Many patients become defensive when loved ones confront them about their addiction. It’s a normal reaction, since addicts use denial as a tool to avoid responsibility, and continue their harmful habits.

Your priority should be to help them join our alcohol detox in Ottawa, Ontario, fast. Alcoholism is a fast-progressing disorder that will soon destroy the victim’s future, as well as the family’s integrity and happiness. Our rehabilitation program helps people recover from even the most advanced forms of alcohol addiction.

Valiant Recovery is the tip of the spear in the war against substance addiction. We offer top-notch treatment, accredited clinical procedures, along with compassion, and respect. Join our family, and your life will never be the same again!

Alcohol Detox Ottawa Ontario
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Alcohol Detox Ottawa Ontario
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