Affordable Rehab Centers In California

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Affordable Rehab Centers In California

Entering into rehab is the hardest part of recovery but this decision is even made harder when you think about the cost of some rehab facilities. In fact, oftentimes people looking for free drug rehab centers find nothing reliable in their area and as a consequence start having second thoughts about seeking professional help. Nevertheless, at Heavenly Center you will find the finest and most affordable drug rehab treatment in California. Here is everything you need to know about our outpatient treatment program, its cost, and our payment structure.

Q) What is your Outpatient Program?

We offer tons of different Drug rehab programs in CA and one of them is an outpatient program. It is best for those who would like to continue their daily activities while getting the needed treatment for their recovery. This treatment consists of 3 phases.

During the first phase, you will have group therapy 6 times a week and individual therapy once a week. Along with this, including you will have as many medication management appointments as needed.

In the second phase, your group therapies will drop down to 5 times a week but the medication management and weekly individual therapy will remain the same. In the last stage of recovery, you will receive training to build job readiness as well as optimize your skill to enhance your resume. With each stage, we will prepare you for the outside world by bringing you closer to the stressors of daily life. And you will come out of this 9 weeks program with a much better attitude and an empowered life.

Q) Do you offer highly expensive luxurious treatments?

The thing which differentiates us from other luxurious rehab centers is our pricing policy. At Heavenly center, you will find one of the most low-cost addiction treatments in CA because we believe in helping every soul, whether rich or poor, and make this challenging phase of their life less difficult.

Q) What is the average cost of this treatment?

The overall cost of your treatment depends upon the services you choose to include in your treatment. To get a fair estimate, contact our admissions department. The coordinator will review your entire plan and give you the exact breakdown of the final cost.

Q) Does Insurance cover this addiction treatment?

Yes, your entire treatment plan can be covered by your medical insurance. You can either get in touch with our admissions coordinator or fill out a short form to verify your insurance coverage. Our representative will contact you shortly and give you the entire information regarding your policy, any deductibles that you need to pay, or extra cost that you would out of your own pocket.

Q) Is having medical insurance mandatory to attend the treatment program?

No. People who don’t have medical insurance can still enroll in our treatment program. Our self-pay plan is for anyone who wants to work with us but has no insurance policy.

Q) Do you offer flexible payment plans?

Yes, since we have the reputation of being the most affordable rehab centers in California therefore we don’t believe in financially overburdening the patient or his/her family. We offer a flexible payment plan for all our patients so that they don’t have to make the entire payment in one-go before getting admitted into our facility.

So if you or your loved one is struggling with drug overuse addiction then we are here to help you. Contact the Heavenly Center for the best outpatient addiction treatment in all of California: 855-9THCNOW