Addiction Treatment Center Marketing

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What is Addiction Treatment Center Marketing?

Addiction Treatment center marketingencompasses proper website development and structure, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), building high quality back-links, citations, Google My Business, social media marketing including Facebook and LinkedIn, understanding Google Analytics, utilizing call tracking, and much more. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers need a better understanding of marketing. Taking any short-cuts in their marketing will cost them dearly in the long run. They must get away from the short-term solutions to their long-term problem of maintaining a high enough census.

What is Proper Website Development and Structure?

Addiction treatment center website development is the #1 mistake made by treatment centers in their marketing. This is where many take the lowest bidder to save a few bucks. This paramount decision costs them $100,000' of dollars. This is since poor website structure causes Google to do several things. Some of these things include penalizing the website, and, or no crawling the website. Addiction treatment centers put marketing dollars on top of a poor website that is getting penalized by Google. Some of the important factors to look for can be found in this article Poor Website Structure Hurts Rehab Marketing.

What is Drug Rehab Search Engine Optimization, or Drug Rehab SEO?

Drug rehab SEO is one of the most important aspects in web addiction treatment center marketing. There are 10 organic positions on page one of Google. The first three slots get 67% of the click troughs on search terms.

Google does not give a playbook demonstrating exactly what to do for SEO. This why you need an SEO specialist and even more a drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry SEO specialist. Many addiction treatment center marketing strategies use black hat methods. While these will show a short-lived increase in rankings, Google eventually finds out and penalizes these strategies. Behavioral Health Network Resources has also been educating the nation’s addiction treatment centers for 4 years at our 13 Addiction Executive Thought Leader EMP conferences.

Search engine optimization takes time. Any reputable addiction treatment center marketing company will explain this fact in depth. SEO is like a watch. There are a lot of moving parts underneath. Some of these parts include;

1. SEO title contains key word
2. Length of SEO title
3. Focus keyword appears in the URL
4. Only use a focus key word once on entire website
5. SERP descriptions
6. Title tags H1, H2, H3, etc...
7. Word count, long-form 1,200 words or more works best
8. Key words placed properly
9. Pictures formatted correctly with ALT attributes with key word
10.Focused  key word appears in the first sentence
11.Key word density on page
12.Key word in sub headings
13.Meta description length
14.Outbound links
15.Internal links

This is why working with an addiction treatment center marketing specialist is critical. This is only one portion of search engine optimization. In addition, you must have an addiction treatment center marketing SEO specialist that knows how to build high rated back-links that tells Google you are an authority in the drug rehab space. This company will charge approximately $2,000 - $5,000 per month depending on the number of search terms. This is well worth the investment because there are 1,000's of calls generated for key search terms.

Why High Quality Back-links Are Important for Drug Rehab Marketing

Once you have proper website development in place and SEO you need to build high quality back-links. These are critical because this is what Google uses to judge you against your competition. This Google Juice links tells Google you are an authority in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry. again, here is where you get tremendous value from an addiction treatment center marketing specialist.

What Are Citations for Addiction Treatment Center Marketing?

One of the most over-looked areas in addiction treatment center marketing is citations. Citations are listings across the web with listing websites. These are listing on drug rehab resources websites. These are listings on Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Yellow Pages, White Pages, and many more. On these websites you must list your addiction treatment center. The critical area to pay attention to is the NAP. This stand for name, address and phone. These all must be exactly the same on all sites starting with your google My Business listing. Google is looking to make sure you are the exact company on all platforms. Google uses this to make sure you are a legitimate business, and that you are an authority in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment space.
The Important of Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Using Google My Business

Google My Business is an extremely important component for addiction treatment center marketing. On page one of Google there is what is called the Google 3-Pack. This is the maps listings. There are only three on the page. It is critical for addiction treatment centers to achieve this highly rated goal. Local search has become paramount in our industry. The Google maps get many click troughs.

In order is get to this golden egg there are many things that need to be done. Here are some of things that must be done;
1.     Set-up a G+ account
2.     Completely fill out all required fields
3.     Add pictures formatted correctly in all areas
4.     Continue to add pictures on a regular basis
5.     Post articles on a regular basis

Social Media is a Must for Addiction Treatment Center Marketing

It is imperative that addiction treatment center marketing includes social media in the marketing mix. LinkedIn has 550 million users and Facebook has 2 billion users. Drug rehab lead generation must get the message in-front of these audiences to not only generate leads, but to also increase their SEO efforts.
Any marketing company better be able to clearly demonstrate their ability to perform social media marketing in the addiction treatment industry. Behavioral Health Network Resources clearly demonstrates this with this social media activity on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+and many more. Our audience includes 30,000 LinkedIn level one connections, 50,000 LinkedIn group members, 15,000 friends on Facebook, 60,000 Facebook group members, 12,000 Twitter followers, 6,000 G+ connections and an active email database of over 40,000.

To do this successfully they must understand the secrets, tricks and back-doors of these mediums. Facebook and LinkedIn have placed algorithm changes that drastically effect the business profiles on these mediums. They are serving less ads from the business profiles. The power of these mediums is in the personal profiles and groups. The algorithm changes did not affect the personal profiles or the groups. You can get more information on social media marketing by reading Drug Rehab Lead Generation Vs. Social M